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3Pay aims to eliminate fraud from the private housing rental market


Incubated with SETsquared the worlds number one business incubator (backed by Universities) 


What is 3pay?

  • Acting as an intermediary between tenant and landlord, 3Pay will supervise the initial transaction made between the two parties required to secure a new rental property.

  • Rather than tenants making direct bank transfers, 3Pay will offer a payment service where funds will be held in escrow until due diligence is complete.

  • Once such verification is satisfied, the transaction will be completed - eliminating the possibility of rental fraud.

  • Should any dispute arise, the service provided by 3Pay will include conflict resolution.


  • 3Pay will use a combination of existing technologies within the payments and e-commerce industries to create a tailored product suiting the needs of the property sector.

  • By integrating directly via an API with rental aggregators, landlords and tenants will have direct access to 3Pay’s escrow payment service, while 3Pay will also integrate with service providers to offer; utilities, insurance and financing to both parties.

  • This integration will provide additional revenue streams and enable 3Pay to keep its price low for tenants.


  • 3Pay’s primary focus will be the UK market, with 5.4m privately rented households and an average tenancy of 20 months, resulting in a annual total available market of 3.2m households.

  • 3Pay’s initial efforts will be on integrating with online rental aggregators, using existing infrastructure to gain market exposure and quickly deploy its product to tenants, reducing the need for costly marketing campaigns.

  • Once the UK market is stable, growth to the US and Europe is planned.


  • 3Pay aims to eliminate fraud from the private housing rental market.

  • Private rental fraud can occur to any tenant when entering into a private rental agreement.

  • Tenants typically put in excess of two months’ worth of rent at risk in order to secure a property.

  • Currently individuals must rely on good faith from prospective landlords when securing a property, but with a fraud incidence rate of 1.98% in the UK, the annual cost borne by tenants is £150 million, and has steadily been rising since 2010.

  • 3Pay plans to address this issue by providing a safe payment solution that offers protection to both parties.


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